Extending Cyber Protection Beyond Your Network Boundaries

Given the sophistication of today’s cybercriminals, it’s not enough to just build strong security defenses to protect your IT infrastructure. You also need to go on the offensive and look beyond your network to see what’s happening across the Internet.

Only then can you anticipate attacks and take steps to bolster your IT defenses. Gaining this offensive capability is critical: The measures you deploy today may not hold up against the cyberattacks of tomorrow.

Risk Meters Deployed Across the Globe Help Businesses “Know the Unknown”

To help you determine what it takes to solve this challenge, Chad Wiggins, Director of Business Development , recently conducted an interview with Steve Massey, a Senior Inside Channel Account Manager from SonicWall. SonicWall security solutions—featuring firewalls, secure mobile and wireless access, switches, and threat protection appliances—protect more endpoints and data points than any other security company.

The company has provided IT security for more than 25 years, starting with a focus on small businesses, and now offers solutions that work at the enterprise level as well. With the wide footprint SonicWall has established in its security ecosystem, the company can leverage risk meters embedded into customer solutions to collect a vast amount of threat information.

The intelligence collected from the customer risk meters benefits the entire SonicWall customer base by increasing their risk management capacity.  It’s like having a large network of scouts across the globe watching for new threats.

And when the risk meter ecosystem detects a new threat, the appropriate security mechanisms can be programmed into security solutions across the SonicWall customer ecosystem. As Massey explained during the podcast, the risk meters make it possible to “know the unknown.”

The risk meters are rooted in universal intelligence to capture and identify the risks that SonicWall customers face in real time. SonicWall combines this capability with an advanced threat protection cloud sandbox that incorporates deep memory inspection to capture cyber threats that suddenly emerge.

The Best Defense Is a Strong Offense

The ever-growing cyberattack landscape poses serious financial impacts and major potential downtime risks. That makes it critical to implement an advanced IT protection solution like those offered by SonicWall to defend your business against cybercriminals.

To build a strong defense and create an optimal foundation for your IT security program, put your business on the offensive; find out more about how PulseOne can craft a customized plan to be “offensive ready” for your business, contact us today!