While every company is different, every company needs secure data. We work with you to find the RIGHT solution for your company and your needs. Our free consultation includes:

  • Assess technology environment
  • Address critical issues
  • Review objectives, targets and goals
  • Co-create an action plan

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We have 25+ years of experience solving business security challenges

Our approach is through the mind and eyes of a business owner, not a technician. Collaboration is key, we design the solution together and educate along the way.


Small and medium sized businesses that go out of business within 6 months of an attack - UPS Capital

Average cost of small and medium sized businesses who experienced a breach - UPS Capital


Cyberattacks directed at small and medium businesses - UPS Capital

Security does not have to be complicated.

Keep bad people out

Keep data safe

Plan for disasters

Our Step by Step Process to

Securing Your Data and Infrastructure

Step 1

Introduction/General Technology Overview: Let’s get acquainted. What’s troubling you today?

Step 2

Technology Health Assessment: We’ll determine and review the health of your existing infrastructure.

Step 3

Establish Goals and Objectives: Where is your company headed?

Step 4

Collaborative Recommendations: We will work together to develop an action plan that fits you.

Step 5

Technology Implementation: We will roll out technology in a way that minimizes disruption.

Step 6

Train, Support, Monitor: Your success is our success.

Important questions for you business

  • How long will take your organization to get fully up to speed in case of a natural disaster?
  • When was the last time you tested your data “backups?”
  • Who can access your data?  Outside intruders are constantly “hitting” firewalls to breach your environment.  Is your firewall’s threat detection current?
  • Does your company have the right security access protocols in place? Where do credit card and social security data reside?  Are you compliant?

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