How digital transformation is changing project management

What is it: The digital transformation of business is freeing project management to focus more on big-picture thinking and strategic planning instead of the nuts and bolts of process work that used to be a hallmark of managing projects. Almost everything a team does can now be tracked and quantified as a result of all-digital workflows. This opens the door for more data that project managers can use for tracking and quantifying the work being performed.

Why is it important: PMs can do more with less, which means more focus on results and less on process work.  In addition, digital project management platforms, combined with videoconferencing and changing work expectations as a result of digital processes, has meant a large increase in remote work. For firms that are just now transforming digitally, they are discovering these, and more processes are changing from digital than just how they manage customer relationships. With so many communication and management platforms, why not integrate more tech in your business for greater efficiency?