How to Host Business-Oriented Conference Calls

It’s incredible to think that a business tool like video conferencing, which was used in limited ways not all that long ago, is now so prevalent. Just about everyone has had some kind of experience using video conferencing to hold meetings with family, friends, and business associates; it does not seem like that genie will be back in the bottle any time soon.

If you plan to continue using video for your business, here are a few tips to consider when you’re planning and hosting meetings:

· Send out the conference link in advance

· Show up five minutes early so you can welcome people

· Set your camera correctly—people want to see your face, not just your forehead

· Welcome attendees as they arrive and use their names if you can

· Draft an agenda and stick to your timing

· Ask everyone to turn their camera on—if possible

· Mute participants (or yourself) if there is background noise

· Allow one speaker at a time—video audio is not conducive to everyone talking at once

It’s also important to request that people do not use crazy backgrounds. If that’s not the kind of meeting you’re having, ask people to remove them if they seem distracting or inappropriate for the venue. This is important because the attention of the group will continue to be drawn to noises and other distractions, reducing the productivity and effectiveness of your call.

Remember too that a good organizer is a good leader. Lead your calls with confidence, and you will maximize your use of the now-ubiquitous video conferencing tools.