How To Use Drip Marketing To Drive Sales

What is it:​ Drip Marketing campaigns allow you to send a set of messages to your potential customers. You can send the same message(s) repeatedly, or you can send a series of messages that lead your potential customers through a series of educational, motivational or sales messages.

Why is it important: To be successful, marketing is NOT something you start and then finish, it needs to be consistent and persistent. No ONE marketing action produces endless results. Your prospect must SEE or HEAR your marketing message a minimum of seven times before they take action. One of the ways you can put marketing tasks onto auto-pilot is by creating Drip Marketing Campaigns. Drip campaigns allow you to consistently send marketing information on timed intervals. Just to prove it works, think about the Energizer Bunny, he made his debut in 1989 in a television commercial. Over two decades and thousands of drip campaigns later he’s still going!