Product Thinking vs Project Thinking

Product Thinking vs Project Thinking

by Jan 31, 2020Project Management0 comments

What is it:Project management has been around a very long time. And we as humans tend to think in terms of projects: things we need to get done. So, what is project thinking? The focus of project thinking is delivery. Project management is specifically focused on the output​ and is measured by how accurately we were able to estimate the timeline beforehand and then deliver the specified output on that schedule. Product thinking takes a fundamentally different approach. Rather than focusing on the output, product thinking is focused on the outcome.

Why is it important:What are the benefits of letting go of project timelines in favor of focusing on outcomes? First, it is ultimately the outcome that we are driving toward, regardless of how we try and get there. Next, the main benefit of a product mindset is that we ensure that we get to the outcome more efficiently. Lastly, with a product mindset, we can learn and adapt as we go. We aren’t set on dates and milestones, but rather are focused on learning and achieving the outcome.  There are times when project management is just what a business needs in the short term.  However, when you look towards the future of your business offerings, you can benefit from a product thinking approach for longevity of the company.  At PulseOne, we specialize in both, so let’s discuss how we can help you enable best practices for an organization and help you focus on what matters to your business the most.


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