PulseOne Business Insider – Edition 3

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In this month’s Business Insider – best practices we are talking to clients about, key data points that help us plan and keep us updated, and other topics of interest. See something interesting to you, let us know!


IT & Security

Equifax Data Breach Settlement

What is it: Breaches cost more than just a loss in reputation

Why is it important: The Equifax data breach was a landmark example of the risks of inadequate IT security best practices. If you’re wondering what that might mean to you, this example gives some sense of what the impact of a data breach might be for your business. We are working diligently right now with all our clients to do everything we can to align with IT security best practices. Let’s make sure that all our business are doing the best they can to minimize this risk. Read More 



What Not to Do In B2B Sales: 7 Signs You’re About to Drop the Ball

What is it: Closing the deal

Why is it important: There is a big difference between selling enterprise accounts and consumers. Having a sales team tuned to the ins and outs of selling psychology for the type of deals that are specific to your company, should be a part of any sales training program. We’ve provided many companies assistance in figuring out what works for them. This is a good article about some of the things you might want to think about for your team. Read More.


Project Management 

How to Improve Team Project Management

What is it: Project Management for Teams

Why is it important: One of the more challenging things to do is get your team on the same page with appropriate roles and responsibilities clearly defined. Getting a team-oriented project manager involved in your efforts, may help. Here’s an article we found with some of the basics. ​Read More


Customer Service 

How Zappos Wins at Customer Service Every Day

What is it: Great Customer Service matters

Why is it important: Everyone knows what excellent customer service feels like (and when it’s not). Zappos is one of many companies that has set the bar to what constitutes “going beyond”. It’s not nearly as difficult to set up the infrastructure for your service organization than it is to get the culture right. We believe you can have both. Check out the article and see what Zappos has to say about it. Read More.