PulseOne Business Insider – Edition 6

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In this month’s Business Insider – best practices we are talking to clients about, key data points that help us plan and keep us updated, and other topics of interest. See something interesting to you, let us know!


IT & Security

FBI: $3.5B Lost to Cybercrime in 2019, Led by Business Email Compromise

What is it: Cybercriminals are rapidly improving the sophistication of their attacks. The FBI estimates $3.5 billion was lost to cybercriminals last year; business email compromise caused the most damage.

Why is it important: Email continues to be a common entry point, but these fraud attempts are also being launched through text messages or even fake websites. Regarding the losses estimate, this number does not include estimates of lost business, time, wages, files, or equipment, or any third-party remediation services acquired by a victim. In some cases, victims do not report any loss amount to the FBI, thereby creating an artificially low overall ransomware loss rate. Protect your business and call us about how to get started with managed IT services. Read More.


Customer Service

Smiles Aren’t Enough: The Power Of Standards And Systems In Customer Service

What is it: A standard is a single position that an organization takes. A standard can be how long it’s okay for a phone to ring before it’s answered. While systems are slightly more elaborate.  They’re essentially groups of standards. For instance, a popular system used in many industries, from retail banking to hospitality, is the 10-5-3 sequence, a system for how to greet and interact with a customer who is visibly approaching you.

Why is it important: Having great employees is indeed a huge part of success in customer service, an indispensable part of that success. People who are hired because they have customer-friendly attributes as a person and that empathy and the other parts of being a customer-friendly person are celebrated where they work. But it’s not the whole of it. For repeatable, sustainable customer service excellence, you also need systems and standards. Read More.



The Sales Mindset For Non-Sales People

What is it:  Shifting your mindset from “non-sales” to “sales” begins by getting curious about any internal dialogues you have about selling. Do you fear “asking” for something? Do you think you need to bow and scrape to sell? Or do you get excited about the possibilities of making a difference through sales?

Why is it important:  What if you started seeing selling as connecting or working together with clients and customers? If you try to avoid seeing yourself in a “sales” role because you think it means being pushy or putting money first, start by shifting the conversation you are having with yourself. Consider that the selling mindset means being curious. It is about learning about all stakeholders and their needs and taking care of them. This mindset is about listening and connecting. It is about authentic interactions. If these changes in mindset still don’t convince you, reach out and our team is happy to help. Read More.



How To Use Drip Marketing To Drive Sales

What is it:  Drip Marketing campaigns allow you to send a set of messages to your potential customers. You can send the same message(s) repeatedly, or you can send a series of messages that lead your potential customers through a series of educational, motivational or sales messages.

Why is it important: To be successful, marketing is NOT something you start and then finish, it needs to be consistent and persistent. No ONE marketing action produces endless results. Your prospect must SEE or HEAR your marketing message a minimum of seven times before they take action. One of the ways you can put marketing tasks onto auto-pilot is by creating Drip Marketing Campaigns. Drip campaigns allow you to consistently send marketing information on timed intervals. Just to prove it works, think about the Energizer Bunny, he made his debut in 1989 in a television commercial. Over two decades and thousands of drip campaigns later he’s still going! Read More.