Smiles Aren’t Enough: The Power Of Standards And Systems In Customer Service

What is it: A standard is a single position that an organization takes. A standard can be how long it’s okay for a phone to ring before it’s answered. While systems are slightly more elaborate.  They’re essentially groups of standards. For instance, a popular system used in many industries, from retail banking to hospitality, is the 10-5-3 sequence, a system for how to greet and interact with a customer who is visibly approaching you.​

Why is it important: Having great employees is indeed a huge part of success in customer service, an indispensable part of that success. People who are hired because they have customer-friendly attributes as a person and that empathy and the other parts of being a customer-friendly person are celebrated where they work. But it’s not the whole of it. For repeatable, sustainable customer service excellence, you also need systems and standards.