Tech Talk with Blue Pisces

In this episode of Tech Talk with Chad, Blue Pisces’ CEO Damion Jones talks about their specialty as Problem Solvers and in Agile Consulting for DevOps and IT Infrastructure teams.

“When you think of Blue Pisces, think of us as Problem Solvers.” Damion and his team accomplish this by providing business consulting services, staffing solutions and managed services.

The Blue Pisces leadership team has spent years managing infrastructure organizations and understand how many of these teams struggle with juggling operations and projects. If you have questions, reach out to PulseOne. We help businesses solve many challenges and work with specialists like Blue Pisces to help maximize your success.


PulseOne is a business services company delivering information technology (IT) management solutions to small and mid-sized businesses for over 20 years. In short, we’re your “get IT done” people. We are passionate about the power of PEOPLE and TECHNOLOGY to transform a company. We are confident we can significantly accelerate your PROGRESS towards your business technology objectives.

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0:00 Intro

1:11 What does Blue Pisces do?

1:42 What problems is Blue Pisces trying to solve?

3:18 What is an example of how you solved those issues for a client?

6:43 How do those methods look for a smaller company?

8:28 What does engagement look like? What is most important for you when working with your customers?

12:13 What makes you different from other recruiting firms?

13:20 Anything else you’d like to add?