Tech Talk with Healthcare Blocks

In today’s video Chad Wiggins, Director of Business Development from PulseOne interviews Phil Misiowiec, from Healthcare Blocks.

Healthcare Blocks provides managed cloud hosting and DevOps for healthcare organizations large and small. As cyberattacks continue to become more sophisticated and pose serious risks for smaller companies, as well as large corporations, proactive cyber protection is a must.

If your healthcare business has vulnerabilities in security either online or on-premise, there are ways to remedy this. Please reach out to PulseOne and we can evaluate your business environment with HIPAA Compliance and Security Risk Assessments. Subsequently, we can ensure specialists, like Healthcare Blocks, are part of your technology arsenal to further align and secure your business technology.

PulseOne is a B2B service company, that delivers operational and technology support to small and mid-sized companies by utilizing our team of technology and results-driven experts. We specialize in IT-enabled distributed workforce and telecommuting solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. We are your IT management solutions company.

Healthcare Blocks provides managed cloud hosting and DevOps for healthcare systems and digital health startups. The Healthcare Blocks SRE team provides critical support through monitoring, scaling up/down, and optimizing production environments, so that organizations can focus on what they do best in these unprecedented times.

0:00 Welcome

0:31 Who is Healthcare Blocks

1:17 How do Companies know when to work with you?

2:30 Tell us about you and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

2:52 What about Start-Ups?

4:21 How do you make customer apps more secure?

8:35 How do Healthcare Blocks and PulseOne Work together?

10:28 Case Study

13:12 What other ways do we work together?