Tech Talk with Heartland Payment Systems

​Setting up a secure credit card payment system is vital to today’s business needs. In this episode of Tech Talk, Katrine Pizzella from Heartland Payment Systems shares important tips and insights into setting up and choosing a secure credit card partner and the importance of PCI DSS Compliance.

Heartland Payment Systems is one of the largest payment processors in the U.S., delivering credit card processing, security technology and payroll solutions.

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0:00 Welcome

0:10 Katrine Pizzella from Heartland Payments Systems

1:04 What is PCI Compliance?

2:00 Why is PCI Important?

3:00 What if customers are out of compliance?

5:13 How do you keep customers compliant and secure?

6:24 What if you are in the Cloud?

8:12 How often do you need to validate PCI?

8:46 What about e-Commerce?

9:41 Any good tips for businesses regarding PCI?

10:30 More tips?