Tech Talk with KROST


In this episode of Tech Talk with PulseOne’s Chad Wiggins and Keith Hamasaki, CPA | Principal Assurance and Advisory at KROST, we explore the idea of Data Analytics and how you can solve real company problems with data.

“We believe everyone should be empowered to use their data to find solutions to their problems. For the small and middle market company that’s owner operated, they don’t have time to crunch the numbers…Not knowing your numbers can be life or death for a company.”

KROST offers a unique combination of experience, vision, and management teamwork, providing a variety of services. Their team of experts have a strong background and have gained an in-depth understanding of all aspects of accounting, tax, and consulting.


PulseOne is a business services company delivering information technology IT management solutions to small and mid-sized businesses for over 20 years. In short, we’re your “get IT done” people.

We are passionate about the power of PEOPLE and TECHNOLOGY to transform a company. We are confident we can significantly accelerate your PROGRESS towards your business technology objectives.

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01:17 How do you solve real company problems with data?

5:03 What is Microsoft Power BI?

6:00 What does Data analytics allows you to see?

6:12 How much cash do you have and what is your AR’s? How frequently do you look at it?

7:44 How can you save time vs how do I save more money?

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