Tech Talk with REMOTELYME

Tech Talk with REMOTELYME

In this episode of Tech Talk with Chad, Bill Reed the CEO of REMOTELYME, explains how remote teams have many unique needs other than just technology. He has found that companies with a remote workforce, can lack the ability to inspire trust, communication, and engagement.

A great solution to this problem is REMOTELYME, a simple integrated SaaS platform. The platform blends AI with neuroscience to inspire trust and engagement for remote teams. The HIPAA compliant SaaS platform is a portal for employee training, career development, candidate screening and much more. Learn more at

If you have questions, reach out to PulseOne. We help businesses solve many technology obstacles and work alongside specialists like REMOTELYME to improve your business goals.

PulseOne is a B2B service company, delivering operational and technology support to small and mid-sized companies by utilizing our team of technology and results-driven experts. We specialize in IT-enabled distributed workforce and telecommuting solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. We are your IT management solutions company.

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0:00​ Welcome

0:10​ Bill Reed, CEO

0:47​ What is REMOTELYME? SaaS platform

1:25​ How is remote working changing?

4:28​ What is the science behind REMOTELYME?

6:41​ How does REMOTELYME help?

9:11​ Why do businesses need REMOTELYME?

10:25​ How can we find out more?