The Sales Mindset For Non-Sales People

The Sales Mindset For Non-Sales People

by Feb 18, 2020Sales0 comments

What is it: Shifting your mindset from “non-sales” to “sales” begins by getting curious about any internal dialogues you have about selling. Do you fear “asking” for something? Do you think you need to bow and scrape to sell? Or do you get excited about the possibilities of making a difference through sales?

Why is it important: What if you started seeing selling as connecting or working together with clients and customers? If you try to avoid seeing yourself in a “sales” role because you think it means being pushy or putting money first, start by shifting the conversation you are having with yourself. Consider that the selling mindset means being curious. It is about learning about all stakeholders and their needs and taking care of them. This mindset is about listening and connecting. It is about authentic interactions. If these changes in mindset still don’t convince you, reach out and our team is happy to help.

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