Tech Talk with AvePoint


In this episode of PulseOne’s Tech Talk, Eric Anzalone is joined by AvePoint Territory Manager Zach Matmon, where we explore the idea of data migration. Zach shares important tips and insights regarding the process of data migration, how to prepare and what steps to take for a smooth transition.

As one of PulseOne’s most ‘s trusted partners, AvePoint’s data management solutions help a diverse customer base. With over 9 million cloud users worldwide, AvePoint’s software and services help their users offer solutions with all data migration, management and protection needs to make organizations more productive and secure.

“Helping people collaborate more securely, more effectively within Microsoft 365, and we do it in a lot of different ways.” 


PulseOne is a business services company delivering information technology IT management solutions to small and mid-sized businesses for over 20 years. In short, we’re your “get IT done” people.

We are passionate about the power of PEOPLE and TECHNOLOGY to transform a company. We are confident we can significantly accelerate your PROGRESS towards your business technology objectives.


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00:00 Introductions

02:15 What is migration?

03:12 Why migrate?

04:41 What else can be done during the migration process?

05:50 Why AvePoint?

08:00 Doesn’t Microsoft offer these tools?

10:09 Does migration interrupt business?

11:23 Migration as a Service

12:32 I’ve migrated everything to the cloud. Now what?

15:47 How does AvePoint help with data sprawl?

18:06 Follow up to data sprawl and Teams/Microsoft, user interface experience

19:45 AvePoint User Friendly


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