Tech Talk with Concentrus

In today’s video Chad Wiggins, Director of Business Development from PulseOne interviews Fara Panah, VP of NetSuite Practice at Concentrus.

Concentrus is a complete NetSuite solutions provider that guides organizations through how to use NetSuite to reach highly focused business goals and objectives. They provide implementation, developer, integration, and customization services to ensure that you have a long-term solution that is tailored to fit your systems, people, and processes.

If you are curious about PulseOne or NetSuite and Concentrus’ offerings, contact us today! In addition, if you are experiencing any of the signs that you may have outgrown your accounting software, please reach out to our team, we’re happy to answer questions.

If you’re looking to quickly access a specific topic within the video, click below.

0:00 Start

0:53 What is NetSuite?

2:50 Who is Concentrus?

5:22 The Concentrus Team

6:00 The 10 Signs You Have Outgrown Your Accounting Software

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