The Dynamics of Cyber Security

Having a tested and layered approach to cyber security can save you thousands of dollars in data breach costs. As the world becomes more digitalized, cyber-attacks start to become vast and more sophisticated. It is critical for businesses to prioritize cyber security.

What Are Managed Service Providers and Why Are They Important to Your Business?

In the current landscape, small and medium size businesses need to have a strong online presence, along with digital integration, cloud transitions and security measures in place, if they want to grow and thrive in their respective industry. Fortunately, Managed Service Providers have made it easy for companies to leverage from the skills and expertise of highly trained IT professionals and technologies, so your business is protected and flourishing.

What is the Cyber Kill Chain

Modern cyber-attacks typically integrate key steps during an attack by using automation techniques. A successful security solution puts defensive mechanisms at each stage of the cyber kill chain process as it helps businesses take a more offensive and effective approach towards protection. 

Downtime Tolerance: What Is It and Why It Matters

When unexpected events happen, the result of IT downtime can have devastating impacts on your business. A well implemented disaster preparation and recovery solution is essential to avoid longstanding and damaging interruptions.

Firewalls for Every Enterprise

No matter what size or what kind of business you have, there will always be individual security and compliance needs. Firewalls are a strategic solution to protect your network. Consulting a professional to help install it and make sure it meets your needs is essential.